The Vagina Series is a podcast handbook for womxn that is about to get as real af about womxnhood. Sharing the honest stories of womxn, we’ll be discovering what it means to be a womxn in 2017/18.

Self Care Mix #006 - TONE by The Vagina Series

ANTONIA by Chloe English for The Vagina Series Podcast 

ANTONIA by Chloe English for The Vagina Series Podcast 

Tone also known as Antonia is the music editor of gal-dem, self dubbed as "a vibrant online magazine written by women of colour for all to explore!". We couldn't agree more. It's brilliant. 

She also is a radio producer working at BBC Radio 1Xtra and the Asian Network. She recently presented a documentary about colourism. 

ANTONIA - The Vagina Series Chloe English 2 .jpg
ANTONIA - The Vagina Series Chloe English 2.jpg

In conversation with Tone: 

What makes you a phenomenal woman? 

My ambition and my poker face. Over this last year in particular, I've found myself taking up opportunities I didn't see coming along so soon. In my mind I might have thought I wasn't ready but I went for it because if I didn't someone else certainly would. Sometimes grab life with your two hands and dive in. Don't look down!

If you knew everything you know now about life and general adulting, what would you say to your pubescent, teenage self about your worries? 

Stop worrying about things out of your control. 

Lastly, everyone grew up with different names for their vulva area - what did you grow up calling it? 

Used to call it my bending down. Don't ask.


ANTONIA - The Vagina Series Chloe English .jpg


No Man Big Enough For My Arms - Ibeyi

Blossom Dearie - Ravyn Lenae

Smoke With Me - Children of Zeus

Makeda - Les Nubians

Skippy - Blue Lab Beats

After the Tone - Crayon ft. Lossapardo

You Love ‘Em - ROM ft. Emmavie

Stuck - Oshun

Aura - Layfullstop

Pour Me Water - Mr Eazi

You Alright Yeah - Don.E

Your Highness - IAMDDB

Contagious - Swing Ting ft. Foxx + Tyler Daley

A Tone of Scars - Rascal

Leave Me Alone - Kaytranada ft. Shay Lia

If Only - Raveena

Cloud of Your Own - The Internet

Peace Begins With - Zara McFarlane

Black Moon - Yazmin Lacey 

I Hope We Never Break Up - Emmavie ft. Ego Ella May 

I Am Not Afraid (Beautifully Human) - Jill Scott