The Vagina Series is a podcast handbook for womxn that is about to get as real af about womxnhood. Sharing the honest stories of womxn, we’ll be discovering what it means to be a womxn in 2017/18.

Self Care Mix #002 - Alex Rita by The Vagina Series

Alex Rita by Chloe English 

Alex Rita by Chloe English 

Alex Rita (Touching Bass/NTS) — the Copenhagen-born, London-based selector, illustrator, singer and designer — is a talented seamstress in more ways than one. Her passion for stitching together patchworks of percussive grooves and organic sounds stemmed from her regular. Listeners can be blessed with everything from spiritual jazz and soul to broken beat and highlife guitar grooves in one sitting.

She’s also the mind behind ÕNDA: a new textile brand that makes one-off wearable pieces made from recycled materials.

As if that’s not enough, Alex is also finishing up her debut album with Okapii. Expect to hear it next year via US label, Fresh Selects.

Alex Rita by Chloe English for The Vagina Series Podcast

Questions with Alex Rita: 

What makes you a phenomenal woman?

My openness and ability to vocalise my emotions and not being scared of others knowing or seeing them. The fact I/we can grow the opposite sex inside ourselves, like, I can make a penis and a vagina inside myself. Even at once. I think that is so badass to think about still. 

With your evolution in to adulthood, what would you say to your pubescent, teenage self about your worries? 

I'd tell myself to try and not feel so responsible for everyone around me all the time.

Lastly, everyone grew up with different names for their vagina/vulva area - what did you grow up calling it? 

In Denmark, as kids the word we used for vagina is directly translated as "pee-wife" (for the penis its "pee-man") so that was the word I used growing up. As I grew up, my teenage friends started to say "pussy", but to me "pussy" always sounded kind of bad/dirty - not like what it is - I never liked to say pussy so I'd always just refer to my vagina as "down there". 


Unknown - Unknown 

Carlos Nino & Friends ft Iasos - Delightfulllll/Waterfall 

Suite For Ma Dukes Orchestra - Untitled/Fantastic (Georgia Anne Muldrow Remix) 

Nana Vasconcelos - Ondas (Na Ohlos De Petronila)

Carlos Nino - Precipitation of Paradise

Sun Ra and His Inter-Galatic Myth Science Solar Arkestra - Sleeping Beauty

Carol Ann - Soft Machine

Unknown - Unknown 

Alice Coltrane - Wisdom Eye 

Milton Nascimento - Francisco

Liv.E - O.M.M 

Unknown - Unknown 

Franco - Likambo Ya Ngana 

Alex Rita by Chloe English for The Vagina Series Podcast

Catch her hosting SPEAKING IN SOUND with her touching bass family. Or listen in to her monthly radio show on NTS. 

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