The Vagina Series is a podcast handbook for womxn that is about to get as real af about womxnhood. Sharing the honest stories of womxn, we’ll be discovering what it means to be a womxn in 2017/18.

Self Care Mix #001 - Rabz by The Vagina Series

RABZ by Chloe English

RABZ by Chloe English

With some of our favourite DJ's on the scene right now, we've worked with them to curate a Self Care Mix series for you. Over the next two month's we'll be getting some incredible mixes in. First to share her powers is Rabz.

Rabz is a filmmaker, gal-dem resident DJ, member of sorryyoufeeluncomfortable collective and the newest member of the BBZ London family. 

Her film, cultural programming and musical output is informed by social and political theory and her lived experience as a queer black woman in the UK. Seeking to highlight the nuances of marginalised experiences, using the power of visual media and sound to move through representation and into the realm of liberation. 

RABZ by Chloe English

RABZ by Chloe English

Questions with Rabz:

What makes you a phenomenal woman? 

My excellence, mediocrity and weakness. Just existing really. All black women are phenomenal. 

Knowing everything you know about life now, what would you say to your teenage self about your worries? 

I’d tell myself to always be proud of my blackness and queerness. 

What name did you grow up calling your vagina/vulva? 


Rabz’s DJ sets usually include an eclectic mix of bass-heavy, afro-diasporic electronic music, including Afro-House, Gqom, Vogue, Grime and Funky House, but her music collection also includes Spiritual Jazz, Soul, Hip-Hop and Ambient Global sounds. Catch Rabz on her monthly radio show on Balamii.


Mykki Blanco ft James K - Something Special

TLC - Craxysexycool (Interlude)

Sudan Archives - Paid

Sobz - Reino De Tambor (D-Malice Afro Expression)

Freshly Ground - Nomthandazo (Da Capos Surreal Experience) 

Nina Simone - See Line Woman (Kerri Chandler & Jerome Sydenham Remix)

Imaani Brown - Phenomenal Woman

Shamos ft Taisha B - Untitled (Stomp & Words Remix)

Butiza - Baphuma_Ezulwini

Roska ft Anesha - I Need Love 

Cooly G - Narst 

Missy Elliot - She’s A Bitch (Mike Q Remi) 

Aaliyah - Rock the boat (Tinaturnupremixxx)  

Princess Nyah - Frontline 

Addictive - Bad Girl (Champion Remix)

Shystie - Pull It (Ill Blu Remix)

Shy One - Rid Of You (ft Aisha Zoe) 

Horsepower Productions ft Katy B - Open Up Your Eyes 

Cooly G - It’s Serious 

L-Vis 1990 ft Flohio - Yeah Yeah

Brenmar ft Tigga Calore - Payroll 

BossAssBitch X DrunkInLove (Byrell the Great Remix)

Rizzla - Battyjack

Bbymutha - Rules

RABZ - The Vagina Series Podcast Chloe English.jpg

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